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Law of Lean Body Mass

Sep 5, 2018

Is your fitness goal to become strong and lean? Do you want to reduce your body fat percentage and feel younger and healthier? At any age, you can make this change to look and feel great. But often, people only…

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Lipolysis and its Role in Weight Loss

Aug 3, 2018

To truly understand how fat loss works and find a weight loss supplement for real results, it is important to understand the role of lipolysis in the process of weight loss.

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Understanding Chronobiology and Weight Loss

Jul 8, 2018

Understanding chronobiology, or your biological rhythm of your body’s natural day and night cycle, is essential in promoting optimal fat loss results and leaner body mass.

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Perils of Weight Loss… Or how about LOSE THE RIGHT WEIGHT?

Jun 6, 2018

Although weight loss can be liberating and empowering, there are drawbacks to losing excess weight if not done correctly. The good news is that being proactive and taking action against collagen loss will enhance your lifelong wellness goals.

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