New Year, Same You: Fitness Goals to Fit Your Life

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As a new year rapidly approaches, there’s one thing we all tend to re-evaluate when considering that “fresh start”: more exercise.

Some may find this resolution daunting, simply due to the sudden spikes in gym membership deals and dieting gimmicks that are advertised at this time of year. Unfortunately, this overwhelming media and ad consumption can leave us with more questions and skepticism than the determination to actually reassess a simple lifestyle plan. We invite you to take this crucial step in your weight loss journey by tuning out the mass media, ignoring the bodybuilder on your screen and listening to what YOUR body needs for the coming year.

Here are a few tips for not only getting more exercise—but also for creating an enjoyable routine that you’ll want to keep, even after the first two weeks of January.


Just Get Started


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step …”

This metaphor actually holds some valuable insight into how we can go about jump starting our health. The problem is that most people don’t apply these principles when embarking on their new routine—only for it to invariably dissipate by the first of February. The greater, underlying issue is that many people choose a diet or exercise routine that’s not even a good fit for their lifestyle.

Whether it’s unrealistic for their schedule, personal health or simply unenjoyable, it’s important to do your homework before starting a new routine. One-size-fits-all diet and exercise regimens are the prime suspects for broken health promises and lost determination. They may even lead us to believe that without them, no small revision to a diet or exercise plan will work unless it’s an earth-shattering, life-altering habit that changes the course of your life. It’s time to change that. What works for you? How do you want to get healthy?

Take part in an activity that interests you. To put it simply, the easiest way to “stop making excuses” is to not want to make them! Walking, hiking, dancing, rock climbing…whatever is your favorite way to move, get some air or reach your next fitness goal—there are recreational outlets available to people of every level, in every city. The first step is to just get online and research what opportunities are offered in your area! And when you find something you like, you’ll want to stick with it.

Remember that a healthy routine is supposed to improve your life, not become it.


Starting Small


“Slow and steady wins the race …”

All clichés aside, there’s no question that those who start a new exercise plan at full-speed ahead will lose steam when it matters most to keep going. That’s why with whatever new fitness plan you choose, go easy on yourself and start with small quantities.

  • Don’t have time to make it to your fitness class? Find a quick-and-easy yoga, Zumba, barre or dance workout on YouTube. With increments of 10 minutes to over an hour, you can get fit in the comfort of your living room, on your time (and at no charge, to boot).
  • Need to meet your daily step quota? Take the stairs, only take your car when absolutely necessary … and if you do, don’t worry about snagging the closest parking space.

Regardless of how much you may enjoy an activity at first, you’ll want to incorporate something into your life that you can keep as a steady ritual. When a habit becomes effortless, it will practically become involuntary. You won’t even consider thinking of an excuse to cut it out of your routine—and better still, you won’t believe the impact of the results!

With each new habit, make it effortless, manageable and achievable.  

Over time, you’ll find that even the smallest added movement to your day can pave the way to a long-lasting routine that yields powerful results. When you drown out the media noise, do what you love and start small, you can create a healthy routine that withstands the test of the time—so you can live long and prosper in 2019 (and beyond).  

Supporting your more active lifestyle with healthy nutrients and a proven weight management supplement makes good sense. Lean 2.0 is an all-natural supplement with the clinical studies to back up its reputation as a leading weight loss aid. The AM formula provides the boost for an active lifestyle while the PM formula supports restorative sleep where lean mass is built.

An active lifestyle and Lean 2.0 – a smart combination to start your new year off on the right track!

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