Why women find it hard to lose weight after pregnancy

Stressed young mother comforting her crying baby son looking away with an anguished expression as they sit together in a playground outdoors

Congratulations on your newborn baby! Now it’s time to shed that unwanted baby weight, and get back to feeling great. If you just had a baby and are struggling to lose that extra baby fat, it may be time to take a different approach to weight loss. Having a baby comes with a multitude of responsibilities and life changes. It is particularly  important that you take care of yourself. Taking care of your psychological and physical health after pregnancy is essential, so that you can maximize the time with your baby in a meaningful way.

Changes After Pregnancy

Sleep is variable. Research has shown that not getting enough sleep after pregnancy is correlated with the onset of postpartum depression for new mothers. If you have experienced a night of no sleep or very little sleep, you know that it is difficult to fully function to complete the next day’s responsibilities. Getting poor quality sleep over a series of months while also taking care of a newborn baby, can have detrimental effects on your mood.


Additionally, since poor quality sleep affects your mood, functions, and energy, it can also lead to even more weight gain after pregnancy. This is because if you are awake for more hours of the day, combined with a lower mood, many mothers may replace unwanted feelings with food as a source of comfort. Even if food intake remains the same despite sleep changes, having a lack of energy from not getting enough sleep, can cause you to be less physically active, which can make it difficult to lose the baby weight.


Stress levels are elevated. Women may find it difficult to lose weight after pregnancy because stress levels increase. Women worry about if they are caring for their baby in the proper way, are stressed about wanting everything to be perfect for their baby, and become anxious when a baby is crying or not sleeping.


Accumulated stress from taking care of the baby and other personal and professional responsibilities, can lead to losing sleep, feeling irritable, and possibly coping by eating unhealthy food. Not being able to release the stress in a positive way can make it difficult to lose unwanted weight.


Biological changes take place. Having a baby affects both the mental and physical health of the mother after pregnancy. These biological changes can block your ability to lose weight soon after pregnancy occurs for many reasons. For example; 1 in 9 women experience postpartum depression after pregnancy.Women may experience feelings of sadness, irritability, fatigue, loss of interest in activities, and overeating. Alternatively, a woman’s physical health changes after pregnancy because women have gained weight during pregnancy and may have experienced swelling in different parts of the body. They may feel tired and anxious which can influence their energy levels and likelihood for losing weight while taking care of a newborn.

Keep Your Goals Realistic

You are now the mother of a child and your priorities and lifestyle have drastically changed, and you are becoming busier with every passing day. You are learning new things about yourself and your baby. This time can be exciting but it can also test your patience, strength, and resilience. Losing weight after pregnancy may take time, especially since you are extremely busy with taking care of your child.

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Although losing weight after pregnancy can be tough, you do not need to do it alone. Many women turn to Lean 2.0 for an added boost to lose the baby weight. You are busy with changing diapers, rocking the baby, and providing your child with the love and nourishment needed to grow. Taking care of yourself helps you feel better about you and will boost your mood.

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As you become the best mother, it is also vital you take action to become the best version of you. With the help and support of Lean 2.0 you will be able to lose fat and build lean muscle for a happier and healthier you.

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