Why do men gain weight in their bellies

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One of the most common areas that men gain weight in is their bellies. Belly fat for men can cause a multitude of health problems and can negatively impact their overall well being. But why does fat accumulate in their bellies and what can men do to combat this weight gain?

If you’re a man and have gained weight in your belly and are serious about finally shedding the fat and gaining lean muscle, getting informed about belly fat and how to prevent it can help you achieve a healthier life.

Why do men gain weight in their bellies?

Men gain weight in their bellies for a multitude of reasons. These reasons include both biological and environmental factors that influence men to consume more calories or become physically inactive as they get older.

Biological reasons men gain weight in their bellies

For some men, weight gain in the belly is influenced by genetics. This means that if the males in your family were overweight or obese, then it increases the likelihood that you will also be overweight or obese.

Another primary factor is age. In some men, their hormones become imbalanced as they age and this can lead to a reduction in testosterone production. Some men will experience lower testosterone levels as they age and this may contribute to their likelihood of gaining fat and losing muscle mass1. Because lean body mass decreases naturally as men age, it can cause extra calories to be stored as fat in the belly instead of for fuel that is needed for energy.

Environmental reasons men gain weight in their bellies

A primary contributor to weight gain for men is less physical activity. It is very common for men to become less physically active as they age, even if they were fit as a teenager or young adult. With more technology, busy lifestyles, time spent at work, and family responsibilities, it can be difficult to find the time to work out at the gym or find the motivation to work out at home.

Another primary reason men gain belly fat is because they consume more calories than they burn. As men get older, their metabolism slows and their testosterone production may begin to decline. This means that they do not burn calories for fuel as quickly as they did when they were younger. Additionally, one of the largest contributors to weight gain is an overconsumption of calories in the form of alcohol. With a slower metabolism and an increase in calories in the form of both food and alcohol, it can cause men to gain weight in their bellies and can lead to a multitude of health consequences.

What are the health consequences of belly fat?

Belly fat in men can lead to a wide range of health problems that can persist throughout a lifetime. The following are examples of health problems that men are at risk for when they gain weight in the abdominal region2:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep apnea
  • High blood pressure
  • Colorectal cancer

By incorporating a weight loss supplement in your daily routine, you can take action towards preventing weight gain in your belly.

Lean 2.0 Helps Men Lose Belly Fat and Gain Lean Body Mass

The urgency to lose belly fat for many men can be profound. Losing belly fat can strongly decrease the risk of chronic health problems and can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Luckily, Lean 2.0 has created a weight loss supplement that works alongside the natural cycles in your body for optimal fat loss. The unique aspect of Lean 2.0 is that it has two components, or blends: an A.M. blend and a P.M. blend that synchronize in harmony with your body.

The A.M. blend works to accelerate your metabolism in the morning to burn fat that is needed to energize you for the day. Alternatively, the P.M. blend helps men build lean muscle mass from the day’s activities when they sleep.

The key is not necessarily weight loss, but fat loss. The body already contains innate mechanisms to burn fat and build lean muscle but it becomes slower with age and less physical activity. Therefore, belly fat for men accumulates over time. Finally, by using Lean 2.0 weight loss supplements, your body will be empowered to lose actual belly fat and build lean body mass so that you can achieve a healthier life.

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