Why do we tend to gain weight after marriage?

You have committed to your partner and are dedicated to becoming a healthy and happy couple. However, as life becomes busier and time goes on, you and your partner can find yourself in a routine that leads to weight gain.

If you are worried about gaining weight after you get married, you are not alone. Weight gain after marriage is common among men and women for many different reasons. Understanding the reasons why men and women gain weight after marriage is important in preventing weight gain and will help you and your partner take action towards building lean body mass.

Who typically gains more weight in a marriage?

According to an Ohio State study on weight gain and marital status, women are more likely to gain weight after marriage.1 Although women may gain more weight based on their BMI, men are still vulnerable to weight gain as well. For example, researchers found that men gain weight later on in the marriage, and it usually occurs after childbirth.2

Although the amount of weight may accumulate differently, it is evident that both males and females gain weight after marriage. Understanding the factors that contribute to gaining weight after marriage help you both work together to lose fat and build lean muscle.

Why does weight gain occur after marriage?

For many people, changes in weight after marriage derive from a multitude of social factors. They include social gatherings that frequently focus on food, and the fast pace of life that makes it challenging to eat well and exercise. However, there are three main reasons why couples gain weight after marriage. Understanding these reasons can help you and your partner take preventative measures to avoid weight gain.

  1. The first reason most couples gain weight after marriage is that, now that they have committed to their partner, the pressure is off to impress the other person. By making the marriage commitment, the couple has seen each other in the happiest and most difficult of moments. They have become used to each other and feel comfortable around each other every day. Once the marriage begins, the effort that was needed to find the right person no longer exists. For this reason, many couples may find themselves in a routine that is comfortable and easy – with less focus on physical appearance. This is when weight gain occurs because couples stop going to the gym after work and no longer as concerned about their weight.
  2. Another reason why many people gain weight after marriage is the influence partners have on each other. If one person does not feel like going shopping for healthy food or is in the mood for takeout, the other partner tends to do the same thing. Additionally, it is tough to find the motivation to eat healthy and work out alone, especially when one of the partners is not committed to doing these same activities. This can have a tremendous influence on the motivation to eat healthy and work out in the midst of busy life schedules. Partners can become consumed in their routines and it can be difficult to get out of the rut to actually influence the other person to fight off weight gain.
  3. Finally, the last reason partners may simultaneously gain weight after marriage is convenience. Life becomes very busy and many people assume that it becomes a burden to meal plan and go to the gym consistently. In addition, when partners have kids, their lives revolve around the activities and needs of their children and they become the priority. For this reason, it saves time and energy for couples to choose processed foods instead of healthy meals and to stop working out on a daily basis.

How to prevent weight gain after marriage

The best part of being in a marriage is that you are not alone and that life becomes better with the other person’s ability to add value to your life. For this reason, the key to preventing weight gain after marriage is simple – work together. If both people in the marriage are committed to each other, then they can also make the decision to help each other commit to a healthy lifestyle. This means being each other’s motivational speaker, teammate, and healthy influencer.

Working together and becoming dedicated to living in a healthy way can help promote happiness, longevity, and commitment and can lead to accomplishing health and fitness goals.

Lean 2.0 helps couples lose weight after marriage

If you and your partner are committed to fighting off weight gain after marriage, Lean 2.0 is a great tool to empower you both to lose body fat and gain lean body mass. Lean 2.0 weight loss supplement is specifically designed to coincide with your body’s day and night cycles (called chronobiology), which burns fat in the morning and builds lean body mass in the evenings. This removes the need to figure out how to lose body fat while building lean muscle during your busy schedules.

Simplipur’s Lean 2.0 A.M. proprietary blend burns fat in the morning to fuel you and your partner with energy to complete the day’s tasks. Lean 2.0 P.M. supports lean muscle and tissue building while you sleep. The combination of both, alongside a healthy diet and exercise routine, can help you and your partner lose body fat, keep it off, and build lean muscle together.

The best part about Lean 2.0? It’s easy to implement in your busy routines and it is a way for you and your partner to be accountable to each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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