Law of Lean Body Mass

Is your fitness goal to become strong and lean? Do you want to reduce your body fat percentage and feel younger and healthier? At any age, you can make this change to look and feel great. But often, people only focus on their weight loss goal and forget that the true goal should be focused on fat loss and the development of lean body mass.

Developing lean body mass at any age will make you look and feel younger. Lean body mass not only makes you look younger, but it will give you a renewed sense of energy and purpose to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What is Lean Body Mass (LBM)?

Lean body mass is essentially the weight of your muscles and bones.1 Lean body mass is a beneficial contributor to your health because it separates the essential weight of your muscles and bones from your body fat percentage. When working towards weight loss, the focus must be on the loss of total body fat percentage and not on your lean muscles and bones.

Maintaining strong muscles and bones throughout your fat loss process or while maintaining a healthy body fat percentage is the foundational component to achieving a healthy lifestyle and preventing health problems. To prolong age-related muscle loss and other physiological functions related to muscle loss, the development of lean body mass will be the key component.

The Relationship Between Age and Lean Body Mass

As we grow older, our percentage of lean body mass naturally declines and we become biologically older. However, there is still time to reverse the aging effects and age-related muscle loss. To feel and look biologically younger at any age, it is important to arrive at your ideal lean body mass.

Sarcopenia, or age-related muscle loss, impacts a person’s strength and motor functions. According to research, people with sarcopenia have 2.3 times the risk of having a low-trauma fracture from a fall, such as a broken hip, collarbone, leg, arm, or wrist.2 Sarcopenia is a natural age-related decline of muscle loss. However, the combination of strength training and proper nutritional diet supplements can help build lean body mass that protects against sarcopenia.

Because muscle loss is a natural process, individuals who do not maintain resistance training and the proper diet and sleep patterns, begin to lose anywhere between 3-5% of their muscle mass each decade after the age of 30.3 The natural loss of muscle mass accelerates with time so it is vital to take action to build lean body mass because you deserve to live a long and healthy life of your dreams.

How to Build Lean Body Mass for a Younger You

Now that you know you can prevent age-related muscle loss, how do you do it? Creating an action plan to build your strength and lose fat will help you feel and look younger. But how is lean body mass built?

Lean body mass is enhanced at your strength training workouts, but is actually built at night. In the morning hours, your body metabolizes fat to use as energy throughout the day. In the evening hours, your body emits hormones, which help build lean body mass that was fueled by the day’s activities when you are sleeping. During the evening hours, your body begins to re energize itself for the next day by building muscle tissue and collagen.

Lean body mass is built with the proper resistance plan at the gym, the correct nutritional supplements along with a healthy diet, and plenty of sleep. Through this trifecta, you can ultimately lose your body fat percentage and decrease your risk of sarcopenia and other weight-related health problems, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Lean 2.0 Supports the Development of Lean Body Mass

Since lean body mass is built at night, it is critical to take a weight loss supplement that works with the natural morning and evening rhythms of your body’s processes. The Lean 2.0 weight loss program is specifically designed to coincide with your body’s day and night cycles, which burns fat in the morning and builds lean body mass in the evenings. Simplipur Lean 2.0 AM proprietary blend burns fat as fuel for an energetic day. Lean 2.0 PM supports lean muscle and tissue building while you sleep. The combination of both works in harmony to help you achieve your weight loss goals, and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

To be that happier and healthier you, take action today to promote lean body mass to prevent the effects of aging and other health related problems. By adding the Lean 2.0 all-natural weight loss supplement to your healthy diet, you can accelerate the effects of fat loss and build lean muscle sooner. Not only will you achieve your ideal body weight and build lean muscle, you will be empowered to maintain your lean body for life.