Lipolysis and its Role in Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose weight for years, but struggle to lose fat and gain lean muscle? Diets and exercise programs can be tough to maintain and time consuming. To accelerate fat loss and build lean muscle, it can be highly effective to incorporate an all-natural weight loss supplement to work alongside your diet and exercise routines.

To truly understand how fat loss works and how to use a weight loss supplement for real results, it is important to understand the role of lipolysis in the process of weight loss.

What is Lipolysis?

Lipolysis is essentially the process of metabolizing lipids, or fatty acids, from fat storage tissues.1 Lipolysis can lead to the achievement of your fat loss goals because it breaks down your fatty acids at a quicker pace and uses them for energy that the body needs throughout the day.

Consuming unhealthy fats, such as trans fat and saturated fat, count as extra calories and contribute to weight gain over time. Extra calories are taken to your fat storage areas and become increasingly difficult to lose. That’s why lipolysis is crucial to the weight loss process. It works to metabolize the stored fat as ready energy and helps you achieve actual fat loss.

Lipolysis and its Role in Weight Loss

The process of lipolysis first begins in the gastrointestinal tract where it works to absorb lipids, or fatty acids, from food consumption. The fat that is not metabolized for energy is stored in the form of triglycerides in adipose tissue, or fat storage.2

Lipolysis works to metabolize the fatty acids from triglycerides so that they do not get stored in the fat storages. This process is important because instead of fat staying and accumulating in your storages, lipolysis helps promote weight loss by metabolizing the fat stored in cells from extra calories to be used right away for energy.

Lean 2.0 Accelerates Lipolysis

Lean 2.0 weight loss supplements contain polyphenols, a naturally occurring compound found in plants. Polyphenols play a tremendous role in accelerating the lipolysis process that breaks down fatty acids into energy. The impact of polyphenols spurs the lipolysis process, leading to the body to have more energy. When the body has more energy, it increases the metabolization process of fatty acids to produce even more energy and leads to fat loss. The stimulation of the lipolysis process can help you meet (and even exceed) your fat loss goals at a faster rate, rather than relying on diet and exercise alone.

Polyphenols are a powerful, yet natural compound – the ultimate mechanism to kickstart your fat loss goals and increase the natural metabolizing processes in your body. When we say powerful, what does that mean? Polyphenols have been proven to suppress your appetite, increase the lipolysis process at a faster rate, generate fatty acid oxidation, or metabolic processes, and actually stops the growth of fat cells.3

With the impact of polyphenols, Lean 2.0 A.M is an all-natural, breakthrough supplement backed by 3 clinical studies with proven efficacy that can kickstart your healthy lifestyle and promote lipolysis.

Lean 2.0 Supplements Your Healthy Lifestyle

Losing weight is not an overnight fix and can be made even more difficult with busy lifestyles and routines. The new Lean 2.0 weight loss system can help you make your weight loss goals a reality. Lean 2.0 includes a morning and evening weight loss supplement that will accelerate your fat loss in accordance with your body’s day and night cycles. Lean 2.0 AM is backed by three clinical studies that prove its effectiveness as a new way to burn fat.

If you are ready to begin your fitness journey, or if you have hit a weight loss plateau, Lean 2.0 can help cut the cords that bind fat in your body, enhance your healthy lifestyle and help you achieve your healthy weight goals.